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With the additional moisture we've had, fall will be one of the best planting seasons in a long time. Fall is great time to plant, prune, and clean up your yard. Garden Mums are one of the most spectacular blooming plants, and pansies provide beautiful color.

Fall Checklist

  • Early September is the best time for aerating and seeding
  • Plant colorful fall varieties such as mums, daisies,pansies, cold-hardy annuals, and ornamental grasses
  • Apply Preen in the fall to help prevent weeds in your lawn
  • Continue to remove all dead foliage from perennials
  • Plant trees and shrubs
  • Clean out gutters and down spouts
"Autumn" by graur codrin

Ever thought about a Prosperity Garden? Collect together a pot, soil, the seeds of your choice, and a small, square, green piece of paper (green being the color for prosperity). Write your intentions or desire on the paper and put it in the pot with your soil. Plant your seed and your plant will grow with your intension. Try it and let me know your results!

As a women landscaper, you may find that I am more meticulous and gentle with your project. My team and I will take the time to do your project right; communicating with you every step of the way. We are hard-working, polite, experienced, and will treat your yard as if it's our own. My rates are very reasonable and reflect more love of this work than my desire to get rich doing it. In business for eight years, I have many satisfied customers and references. Call me today to schedule your free estimate! Landscaping That Lasts a Lifetime! Rhonda Owen, owner: (505)720-9650.


    Rhonda Owen

    I realized my love for being in nature and getting my hands into the earth when I was a youth.  With one used van and a vision, in 2005, Perpetual Landscape was born. Today, Perpetual Landscape has four crews of skilled, respectful employees dedicated to completing your project to your satisfaction.


    September 2015